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Турецкий десерт Султан сармасы/Падишах лукум

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безумно вкусный и простой турецкий десерт готовить обязательно всем!
1 литр молока
1 стакан муки на палец меньше, чем стакана
1 стакан сахара
1 ст.л. сливочного масла
Крем шанти или взбитые сливки 200 мл+сахар по вкусу
клубника для украшения
70 гр. Кокосовая стружка
What we need for dessert:
1 liter of milk
1 cup (200 ml) of flour (can be half with rice or corn starch)
1 cup of sugar
50 grams butter
50 gr. Coconut shavings
For the filling, I used ready-made cream "shanty", but you can replace fruit jelly: 1 cup of any juice + 1.5 tbsp. corn starch + sugar to taste. Cook everything to thick jelly.
And so the flour, sugar, milk, mix and boil until a thick cream, add butter, knead.
Pour coconut chips on an even layer on a baking sheet and pour hot cream. With a shovel dub. Leave to cool. It is possible in the refrigerator for the night.
Next, when everything is cold, lay out the cream or jelly layer. We are waiting until everything hardens.
Cut into a cross and each square into strips. Carefully separate the dessert from the sides and roll up the rolls with your fingers or a silicone spatula. Decorate with fruit. Enjoy your meal!

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